Mumbai still frequently referred to “Bombay”, The City that never sleeps! Pulsating, Alive, On the Move, Vibrant and Fun. The most modern city in India, it captures the spirit of the changing pace set by liberalization and modernisation, once a cluster of seven islands. Thriving markets, business houses and many different communities reflecting a cosmopolitan and trendy atmosphere rarely seen elsewhere. On the surface, it represents the ever-changing face of today’s India – the old coupled with the dynamic new, and yet at its very core, the heart of the city is steeped in Indian customs and values. Mumbai of home of “Bollywood” is a portmanteau derived from Bombay and Hollywood. India produces close to one thousand feature films every year -including films in hindi and several regional languages besides documentary films, short film, TV Serials & Commercials Advertising Films. This is a World where you can put your imagination to the test and Shoot out your thoughts, Indian Film Industry is one of the largest in the World. Few of major places of interest in Mumbai are Gateway of India, UNESCO World Heritage Site – The Elephanta Caves, The Hanging Gardens, Marine Drive, The famous Beach of Chowpatty and Dargah Hazrat Sayed Peer Haji Ali Shah Bukhari is a mosque and dargah (tomb) located on an islet off the coast of Worli in the southern part of Mumbai. Dargah is one of the most recognisable landmarks of Mumbai. An exquisite example of Indo-Islamic Architecture, associated with legends about doomed lovers, the dargah contains the tomb of Hazrat Sayed Peer Haji Ali Shah Bukhari.


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