Halal-friendly or Muslim-friendly tourism is mainly for people with Islamic beliefs for a multitude of reasons like fair pricing, peace, security, family-friendly environment, hygiene, etc. Halal tourism is a concept used with different names and connotations in the tourism theory and practice

The main components of Halal-friendly or Muslim-friendly tourism are similar to those of conventional tourism as hotels, restaurants, logistics, tour itineraries, destination guides, travel packages, etc. The Evaluation of the value of tourism products in the case of Muslim-friendly tourism entails, a completely different process due to the requirements of Islam. These requirements are called Sharia’h-principles

In principle, Halal tourism is about satisfying tourists looking for destinations that can fulfill their needs and considerations without being hassled in any way. It covers all tourism-related products and services designed, produced, and presented to Muslim tourists accordingly. Muslim tourists usually travel with family members and friends, therefore this concept is tailored around the travel needs of Muslim tourists who predominately seek a family-friendly environment. All destinations that provide services and facilities that cater basic needs of Muslim visitors are categorized as ‘Muslim friendly destinations’ where Muslim tourists can count on feeling at ease and may enjoy family-centered activities and have a good time on trips and holidays

Hotels and Resorts for Halal-friendly tourists; the indicators are halal food,  prayer mats (Ja-Namaz), and compass indicating the direction of Qibla in every room, suitable recreational facilities within hotels and resorts, ambiances, architecture and interiors that would make Muslim travelers feel at ease during the trip

Food Premises and Restaurants for Halal-friendly tourists; family-friendly environment and hygiene, foods served in a restaurant have to be halal and prepared in the accordance with the Islamic principles

Travel Packages for Halal-friendly tourists; the content of the tour packages must be well-themed. All destinations should have services and facilities that cater basic needs of Muslim visitors. At all these destinations, visitors can count on feeling at ease and can enjoy all tourist activities.

Tour Itineraries for Halal-friendly tourists; include visits to cities, towns, and monuments that reflect historical and architectural importance.  The cultural concept includes a complete vision and ideas per the considerations of Muslim travelers.  Delve into local cultures and traditions, history, cuisines, and lifestyles anything that contributes to the unique identity of the places

Transportation for Halal-friendly tourists; cleanliness, non-alcoholic drinks, and publications that are coherent with Islam

Assistance for Halal-friendly tourists; the assurance of seamless services, and, most importantly, the people who can cater efficient services for the convenience of halal-friendly travelers  

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