Rajasthan literally meaning “Land of the Kings”, one of the most attractive tourist destinations that attract travellers from all over World famous for its rich history and royal architecture each and every place of Rajasthan needs to be describing as unique. Rajasthan is culturally rich and has artistic and cultural traditions which reflect the ancient Indian way of life. There is rich and varied folk culture from villages which are often depicted as a symbol of the state. Rajasthan is the jewel in India’s crown. From fairy-tale palaces and epic forts to colourful festivals and wildlife encounters, this is India at its vibrant best. It is a land of deserts and jungles, camel and tigers, glittering jewels, vivid art and vibrant culture. The palaces of Jaipur, Lakes of Udaipur, Forts of Jaisalmer, Jodhpur and Bikaner, Great Thar Desert with colourful culture are among the most preferred places to visit. The amazing creations of Rajput Rulers and stories of heroism resound from the formidable monuments that majestically stand to tell the tale of a bygone era. The magic of vibrant Rajasthan – its rich heritage, unique culture and hospitality, exciting desert safaris, shining sand-dunes, amazing variety lush forests and varied wildlife – makes it a destination nonpareil.